How the SEN model works.

Think of SEN as the ecosystem that surrounds a participant with dozens of ways to earn healthy living points.

SEN, at its core, is a sponsorship and marketing platform. SEN Coalition partners, such as your brand, desire a deeper connection to their marketplace and independently sponsor points that reward participants for smart, healthy behavior choices.

Through powerful online engagement strategies — such as virtual events, challenges, activities and healthy living programs — participants become linked directly to your brand every day. These combined earning opportunites created by the SEN Coalition allow participants to maximize rewards potential.

Building an infrastructure that pays people to be healthy ultimately pays off with real economic results for your business.

Sweat Equity Network coalition platform provides the infrastructure that will help participants adopt healthy behaviors — an experience that’s easy, fun and FREE to them. They see SEN as an interactive web-based application that rewards healthier living while sustaining engagement through the support of the SEN-unique motivational system and technologies.

Ultimately, their results are meaningful rewards — such as concerts, dining, travel and more from 500 national brands. The coalition rewards you too with more sales, engagement, loyalty — real ROI.

What’s stopping you?

Be A Coalition Partner

Sweat Equity Network rewards people for becoming and staying fit. So how will we motivate 100,000,000 million people to get moving?

Engage them.

Your businesses sponsor active engagement opportunities — such as virtual events or promotions. Participants engage and it all comes to life in a vibrant, supportive online social network.

  • Make your brand promise actionable
  • Your business sponsors active engagements
  • Participants stay healthier, you gain brand champions
How Participants Engage

Reward them.

Essentially, Sweat Equity Network pays people to be healthy — participants earn points that become the currency for a selection of meaningful rewards they will actually value.

  • Participants earn points for healthy behaviors
  • The more ways they engage, the more they earn
  • They redeem points for meaningful rewards
Learn About Rewards
Your business wins.

The SEN Coalition pays off in loyalty and real economic gain for your business. Through the power of the Coalition, participants are offered more engagement, more opportunity and better incentives. Plus, no one business ever funds a participant’s whole experience — costs are shared.

Learn why SEN works for business

Corporate Wellness Partners see lower claim costs, build a proven ROI model and create a more desirable workplace.

Healthy Living Brands reach a deeper segment of your targets, enhancing loyalty and driving more sales.

Health Clubs increase new membership, reduce attrition and sell more services.

Technology Providers sell more products, increase subscriptions and create new revenue streams.

Retailers increase traffic, build brand equity and integrate online efforts.

Media engages in a more penetrating way with targets to stimulate the base and attract a new audience.